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Meet our most recent

Zachary Bennett-Brook

Saltwater Dreamtime

Zachary Bennett-Brook is a contemporary indigenous artist from Wollongong (Dharawal Country). Combining traditional painting techniques with non-traditional colours and surfaces, his work reflects his Torres Straight Islander heritage, passion for the ocean and surf culture.

With a formal background in education, Zac has previously volunteered as a mentor for young people in his local community through Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience.

Zac has designed three socks for our 2018 range, with $1 per pair supporting charity partner AIME.

See more of his work at saltwaterdreamtime.com

KIL Productions

K.I.L. (Keep it Legal) Productions are an experienced Melbourne Graffiti company available for commissioned graffiti. They love utilizing traditional “old school” graffiti techniques to create maximum visual impact and transform something old and tired into something bright, colourful and new.

They believe that anyone can own a piece of Melbourne’s famous street art culture as almost any wall can be transformed into talking points with modern street art. 

See more of their work at kilproductions.com.au/

Loopla Designs

Tammy De Zilva

Loopla is a Brisbane-based artist creating vibrant and playful pattern designs with striking and eye-catching colourways for any surface such as, textiles stationary and homewares.

She draws inspiration from nature, her everyday encounters, playing with her son and from her extensive travels.

Loopla has become a good friend of Soxy Beast, having designed three of our socks in the last couple of years.

See more of her work here.

Chie Tokuyama

Hailing from Japan, Chie Tokuyama is an abstract artist that has lived in Osaka, Fukuoka and Hokkaido in Japan, Sydney,and now Melbourne in Australia. 

Her work is influenced by different cultures from around the world.

She has visited over 25 countries and has used this experience to establish an impressive body of work.Chie’s bold use of color and intricacy leave the viewer mesmerized in the detail of her subject matter.

See more of her work on her Instagram page.

Jo Kalute

Jo Kalute is a self taught textile designer. She draws a lot of inspiration from her sea-side living and her African heritage. After having fallen in love with
art and design, Jo discovered her attraction to block printing.

She often uses lino carving to create wonderfully detailed prints which she then repeats to create unique patterns that really catch the eye.

Jo Kalute has collaborated with us on 4 designs to be released throughout 2020.

See more of her work on her Instagram page. 

Christian Flynn

Based in Sydney, Christian’s influence can be traced back to his childhood, where he was enthralled bu the old ABC TV test pattern. The ordered structure and saturated tones continue to resonate with him today, evidence of which can be seen throughout his works.

His work has been exhibited all over the country with one of his most recent works designed especially for Soxy Beast.

See more of his work here.

Brenton See

Brenton See is a Perth artist specialising in large scale wall murals of native wildlife. Using animals, typography and bold shapes Brenton’s work often highlights the relationships between predator and prey, and humanities coexistence within the animal kingdom.

See more of her work at brentonsee.com.au