October 2017


Alice Berry

Alice Berry is a New Zealand illustrator and artist with a playful style. Her love of colour and quirky humour is reflected in her art. Working in range of mediums, Alice creates paintings, illustrations and ceramics.

See more of her work at aliceberrydesign.com

Alice designed “The Reef” supporting Great Barrier Reef Foundation

September 2017




Karen Allen

Karen Allen is a life long Artist and Author who works from her home studio on Phillip Island. Karen creates intricately detailed illustrations of animals from around the world. In September 2016 Karen published her first Children’s Book titled ‘An A to Z of Creatures’, an alphabet of creatures large, small and legendary.

See more of her work at karenallencreates.com

Karen designed “The Element” supporting Touched By Olivia

August 2017


Lisa Lapointe profile photo


Soxy Beast - The Pinwheel Style Socks


Lisa Lapointe

Sydney based artist, Lisa Lapointe, uses her large scale pencil works on paper and sculpture to explore spiritual, religious and indigenous mythological themes. Her labour intensive, methodical approach to her drawing technique is like a meditation in itself.

Visit lisalapointe.com.au to see more of her work.

Lisa designed “The Pinwheel” supporting headspace Collingwood.

July 2017


Soxy Beast - The Gummy Style Sock Look


Mike Maka is a Melbourne based painter and active member of Everfresh Studio. His work is preoccupied with the interface between man, beast and machine. Presenting a visual riot that stimulates the mind, Mike’s art conveys an imperative message to those confined in the concrete jungle to stay connected to the animal within them that lives in the natural world.

Visit makatron.com to see more of his work.

Mike designed ‘The Gummy’ for our July Edition supporting the Marine Mammal Foundation.

June 2017




Ellen McKenna

Ellen McKenna is a Melbourne based pattern designer. Her patterns begin as simple pencil drawn motifs which are then manipulated and coloured digitally. With a love of all things vintage Ellen draws inspiration from architecture, art and interior design from the 20th Century.

Visit ellenmckenna.com to see more of her work.

Ellen designed ‘The Scatterpoint‘ for our June Edition supporting Berry Street.

May 2017



Soxy Beast - The Throwback Socks Look


Bianca Beers

Bianca Beers is a young illustrator and designer from Sydney, Australia. Her trademarks are boldness and colour both on and off the page, with a focus on fun and individuality. Collaborating with the likes of Nike and Platypus Shoes among others, Bianca is gaining momentum in the world of design.

Visit biancabeers.com to see more of her work.

Bianca designed ‘The Throwback’ for our May Edition supporting Greenfleet.

April 2017


KIL Productions at work


Soxy Beast - The Director Style Socks

KIL Productions

Graffiti artist KIL Productions (Ashely Goudie) has been hitting Melbourne’s most famous laneways for decades. A hybrid artist known for his detailed lettering, his recent public pieces have taken a turn for the immersive, emotional and subjective.

Visit KILproductions.com.au to see more of his work.

KIL Productions designed ‘The Director’ for our April Edition supporting Wear for Success.

March 2017



Ryan Romanes Profile Photo





Soxy Beast - The Cell Socks Look



Ryan Romanes

Ryan Romanes is a New Zealand-born graphic designer and image maker. He worked with design studios in Auckland, New York and Dubai before relocating to Melbourne, Australia to establish his own practice. His work has been recognised by Graphis, AGDA and New Zealand Best Awards. In 2015 he was named one of 15 under 30 “New Visual Artists” by Print Magazine. Ryan collaborates with a network of creatives from his studio to complete projects of all scale.

More of Ryan’s work can be seen at ryanromanes.com.au

Ryan designed “The Cell” for our March Edition supporting YLC Victoria

February 2017



Leyla Bulmer Profile Photo





Soxy Beast - The Connections Socks Look



Leyla Bulmer

Leyla Bulmer is a freelance designer and illustrator living on the Mornington Peninsula. Using a continuous line style, Leyla puts the pen down and doesn’t take it off the page until something interesting appears. Her work is inspired by her everyday life and view of nature.

“I draw for the same reason I put on socks when my feet are cold; It’s uncomfortable if I don’t”.

More of Leyla’s work can be seen at leylabulmer.com

Leyla designed “The Connection” for our February Edition supporting Reef Check Australia.

January 2017



Salty Vibes profile image





Soxy Beast - The Wave Socks Look



Aaron Godina

Aaron Godina is a self-taught illustrator from Melbourne whose passion for the sea permeates his life and artwork. His use of vibrant colours, thick lines and stylized characters reflect his unique perspective on surf and beach culture. Under the pseudonym Salty Vibes, Aaron creates custom illustrations, paintings, prints and boards. Aaron’s design for our January Edition was inspired by sunny days and endless waves.

More of Aaron’s work can be seen at instagram.com/_saltyvibes

Aaron designed “The Wave” for our January Edition supporting Take 3.

November 2016



Nina Sepahpour Profile Photo







Nina Sepahpour

Nina Sepahpour is a textile designer who works with both analogue and digital techniques to create colourful works with a hard edge. Her work is an experimental and abstract response to her environment and explores layers of pattern, shape, colour and motif inspired by simple moments and everyday life. She creates mixed media abstract compositions in her conceptual work and bold designs that translate into a range of textile and printed products.

More of her work can be seen at ninasepahpour.bigcartel.com

Nina designed “The Confetti” for our November Edition supporting Opportunity International Australia.

October 2016



Zachary Bennett-Brook Profile Photo





Soxy Beast - The Salt Socks Look



Zachary Bennett-Brook

Our artist partner for October is Zachary Bennett-Brook. A Torres Strait Islander raised in Dharawal Country (Wollongong), Zac uses traditional techniques on nontraditional media to create contemporary artworks that combine his indigenous and surf cultures.

Zac’s sock design was inspired by his time as a mentor with charity partner AIME.

More of his work can be seen at saltwaterdreamtime.com

Zac designed “The Salt” for our October Edition supporting the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience.

September 2016



Mulga the Artist profile Photo





Soxy Beast - The Dolphin Pete Socks look




Mulga the artist (Sydney based Joel Moore) is a man with a unique style. He creates unforgettable artworks of bearded characters, neon beasts, and bold creatures with laser beam eyes. He’s also incredibly clever with words. With each piece accompanied by a descriptive poem, his words add depth and intrigue to his already engaging work.

Mulga is currently celebrating the release of his magical colouring book and is releasing a children’s book at the end of the month between designing t shirts, painting murals and running the Mulga clothing label.

Check out more of his work at mulgatheartist.com.au

Mulga designed “The Dolphin Pete” for our September Edition to support Compassion Australia

August 2016



Brenton See Profile photo





Soxy Beast - The Fly Free Socks Look



Brenton See

Brenton See is a Perth artist specialising in small canvas works and large scale wall murals. Brenton enjoys using animals and objects rather than the human form to express himself and the stories he wants to tell. He is constantly focusing on the topic of “predator and prey” and “life and death” as these (as well as in the animal kingdom) are very relevant to the lives we as humans live.

Brenton’s sock design was inspired by his experiences rehabilitating native birds. More of his work can be seen at brentonsee.com.au

Brenton designed ‘The Fly Free’ for our August Edition to support Native Animal Rescue.

June 2016







Soxy Beast - The Marls Socks Look



Yeen Yong

Yeen Yong is a Melbourne-based illustrator, designer and crafter. Having always been fascinated by the fluidity of watercolours and the versatility of good old humble paper, Yeen’s style explores the combination of both painting and paper craft techniques. Her technique transforms painted flat surfaces into three dimensional shapes that bring depth and life to her creations.

Yeen also runs her own business, PackO’Hugs, creating personalised illustrations and art gifts for all occasions.

Yeen designed ‘The Marls‘ for our June Edition supporting Beagle Freedom Australia

May 2016



Steve Tilbrook Profile Photo







Steve Tilbrook

Adelaide based style influencer and blogger Steve Tilbrook knows how to mix and match colours, patterns and textures to create office outfits that turn heads. New to the mens’ style influencer game, Steve has quickly gained a large following through his subtle use of bright colours mixed with bold shirt designs and modern suits. Growing his Instagram following to over 60K in just 12 months with his daily self-styled posts, Steve now pens a regular monthly blog.

Visit and follow Steve on his Instagram account @stevetillystyle.

Steve designed “The Business” for our May Edition to support Wear for Success

April 2016




Alexia Brehas Logo




Soxy Beast - The Thrive Socks Look



Alexia Brehas

Melbourne artist Alexia Brehas integrates her intricate designs across a range of media to produce stark and beautiful creations. Her illustration and engraving techniques produce precise lines and a depth of detail that brings intimacy to her subjects. Founder and President of the Deakin Visual Art Society, Alexia also lends her talents as a writer to several publications including Voiceworks Magazine and the Maggie Journal.

Visit alexiabrehas.com to see more of her work.

Alexia Breahs designed ‘The Thrive’ for our April Edition supporting the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre.

March 2016



The Social Studio Fashion



Social Studio Designs



Jean Bosco, James and Maklet

Jean Bosco, James and Maklet are amongst the first group of students who have recently graduated from the Certicate IV in Textile Design and Development at The Social Studio Fashion School. The program run in partnership with RMIT University provides real-world industry experience to students from diverse immigrant and refugee backgrounds. We’ve collaborated with The Social Studio to feature 3 designs inspired by the artwork of these recent graduates, with subscriptions and sales supporting more community arts programs.

Visit thesocialstudio.org to see more work from their students and collaborators.

Jean Bosco, James and Maklet designed three different socks for our March Edition supporting The Social Studio.

February 2016



KIL Productions Profile Logo



Soxy Beast - The Bzerk Socks Look



KIL Productions

Graffiti artist KIL Productions, known throughout the scene by his tag “BZERK”, has been hitting Melbourne’s most famous laneways for decades. A hybrid artist known for his detailed lettering, his recent public pieces have taken a turn for the immersive, emotional and subjective.

Visit KILproductions.com.au to see more of his work.

KIL Productions designed ‘The Bzerk’ for our February Edition supporting Orange Sky Laundry.

January 2016



Soxy Beast - The Cacti Socks Look



Matt Scott

Sydney based stencil artist Matt Scott (Kamion) grew up in rural New South Wales. This country upbringing inspires his textured, detailed work. Using digital designs to produce physical stencils 20 layers deep, Matt’s work pays tribute to farmers and the beasts that are their livelihood.

More of Matt’s work can be found at mattscott.com.au

Matt Scott designed ‘The Cacti‘ for our January Edition supporting Buy a Bale

December 2015



Studio Cockatoo Profile Image



Soxy Beast - The Aero Socks Look



Studio Cockatoo

Nestled deep in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, husband and wife team Luke and Kate Bordessa create colourful geometric modern art portraits.

Their sock design supporting the Royal Flying Doctor Service interprets the colours of this iconic organisation through their distinct lens.

More of Studio Cockatoo’s work can be found at studiocockatoo.com.au

Studio Cockatoo designed ‘The Aero’ for our December Edition supporting the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

November 2015



Maria Flores Profile Logo



Soxy Beast Rhythm Tile


Maria Flores

Maria Flores’ bold style mixes bright colours, geometric shapes, patterns, and quirky typography. Exploring ideas of culture, and our perceptions of different cultures, her work draws on Latin traditions and iconography for inspiration.

“The Hand Prints are an important part of my artistic journey. Every hand is different in pattern to demonstrate that we all have our own path to discover.”

Her sock design supporting The Song Room is made of tribal symbols, reflecting the connective role that music has played in all cultures throughout history.

More of Maria’s work can be found at sayhola.com.au

Maria Flores designed ‘The Rhythm‘ for our November Edition supporting The Song Room

October 2015



Charlotte Watson Artist Profile Image




Charlotte Watson

Charlotte Watson’s lined and stratified work evokes a contemplation of the layers around and in us all.

“Abstract work can act as a Rorschach test; the viewer takes from the artwork what they already have within them. My art practice looks at how psychological experiences (such as trauma) can affect an individual, especially if ignored or overlooked.”

Touching on the intangible and often unspeakable experiences that we all feel but often don’t express, Charlotte’s design supported Living Well and their forward-thinking services for Male sexual assault victims.

More of her work can be seen at charlottewatson.org

Charlotte Watson designed ‘The Pacific‘ for our October Edition to Benefit Living Well.

September 2015



Makus Art Logo



Soxy Beast Cub Look



The first piece we saw of Maku’s was a magnificent beast rendered in geometric glory. We instantly knew we had to collab to get a pair of her beasts for your feet.

Justina ‘Maku’ Bisset is a Melbourne based illustrative artist. Her work is filled with precise lines and dripping paint highlights that render her human and animal subjects in sharp colour. As a student Maku was so taken with the cause of protecting abused bears that she worked part-time as a cleaner to donate her wages to Free the Bears.Maku’s passion was the inspiration for September’s Edition, the Cub.

More of her work can be seen at makusart.com/

Maku designed ‘The Cub‘ for our September Edition to benefit Free the Bears.

August 2015



Lindsay Blamey Profile Photo



Soxy Beast Blamey Look


Lindsay Blamey

Australian visual artist Lindsay Blamey is recognised for his contemporary abstract and fine art photographic works.

“I try not to limit my creativity with a desired result in mind; I like to let the journey of the creative process dictate the outcomes.”

His art challenges viewers’ perception of the unknown, evoking memories and dreams as they relate to their own experience.

More of Blamey’s work can be seen at lindsayblamey.com.au/

Lindsay Blamey designed ‘The Blamey’ for our August edition to benefit headspace Collingwood.

July 2015



Hannakin Profile IMage



Hannakin (Hanna Mancini)

When we saw Hannakin’s little felt beasties we knew we had to collaborate with her. Spanning the spectrum from ink and water colour to plush design, her art conjures up day dreams of adventure and exploration. A Melbourne based artist, crafter, and procrastinator, Hanna Mancini has been drawing since she could hold a pencil, and loves using her hands to create all manner of interesting things. Her creative label, ‘Hannakin‘, encompasses a range of funny, whimsical little bits and bobs she makes.

More of Hannakin’s work can be seen at hannakin.etsy.com/

Hannakin designed ‘The Gouldian’ for our July edition to benefit the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

May 2015





Soxy Beast Flight Look

Hayley Lauren

Hayley Lauren’s art and textile design comes in many forms. From watercolour to organic line work to stencil cuts and detailed wildlife drawings, Hayley’s talents run the artistic spectrum. Her free flowing designs are a creative expression and an insight into the way she sees the world.

“For me, it’s about being free and having fun with art.”

More of Hayley’s work can be seen on instagram – @hayleylaurendesign

Hayley designed ‘The Botanical’ for our May edition to benefit Greenfleet.

April 2015






Soxy Beast Flight Look

Anna Hatzisavas

Melbourne based graphic designer Anna Hatzisavas‘ style highlights typography and identity at its core. Her experience working with a number of design studios in Melbourne and abroad certainly show in the strong visual concepts that underpin every one of her pieces.  Patterns, strong vectors and the iconography of the everyday can be found throughout her portfolio, rearranging familiar elements into unexpected presentation. Anna is also a founding member of the Short List collective of young artists, currently planning their next exhibition.

Anna designed ‘The Flight’ for our April edition to benefit The Orangutan Project.

March 2015


KIL Productions Friendship piece


Soxy Beast FED180 Look

KIL Productions

Graffiti legend Ashley Goudie (KIL Productions) has been getting up in some of Melbourne’s most visible laneways since the late 80s. Originally honing his can control with classic lettering inspired by the train bombing scene in New York, Ash’s art has evolved to incorporate architecture and geometric textures in to his pieces.

“For me, it’s about doing what you love and sharing it with others, to make every piece better than the last”.

KIL Productions designed the ‘FED180‘ for our March edition to benefit Wear for Success.

February 2015


Soxy Beast Rochelle Cody Artist Profile











Rochelle Cody

Melbourne based print artist Rochelle Cody’s use of fine lines and natural textures gives her pieces a distinct style. We’ve been a fan of Rochelle’s for some time and the ‘beastly’ attitude of her collected works was a natural match for Soxy Beast. Rochelle’s design, ‘the Terra‘ was inspired by ancient alchemical symbols for the earth element and provided resources for EarthWatch Institute Australia.

Rochelle is currently working on a line of handmade cushions featuring her intricate work. More of Rochelle’s art can be seen at rochellecody.bigcartel.com