The Terra

February 2015 Edition - Designed by Rochelle Cody to benefit EarthWatch Institute



Soxy Beast Rochelle Cody Artist Profile

Rochelle Cody

  Melbourne based print artist Rochelle Cody’s use of fine lines and natural textures gives her pieces a distinct style. We’ve been a fan of Rochelle’s for some time and the ‘beastly’ attitude of her collected works was a natural match for Soxy Beast. Rochelle’s design, ‘the Terra’ was inspired by ancient alchemical symbols for the earth element and provided resources for EarthWatch Institute Australia. Rochelle is currently working on a line of handmade cushions featuring her intricate work. More of Rochelle’s art can be seen at
soxy beast earthwatch institute logo

EarthWatch Institute

  EarthWatch Institute’s Natural Capital expeditions immerse participants in fieldwork to demonstrate the true economic value of our natural world. Experience firsthand the impact and importance of human decision making on our limited resources, and the opportunities and implications for modern Australian businesses. Corporate group bookings now available. Info available at Sales of 'the Terra' helped donate water testing kits for EarthWatch Institute’s fieldwork expeditions.