The Stack

December 2014 Edition

Designed by Soxy Beast to benefit the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre




Soxy Beast's El Jeffe

  The Stack is Soxy Beast’s inaugural design. After years of being just another box on the corporate stack, this month’s artist said no to big business and shot off to cut his own path. Lots of people doubted him, and weren’t shy in telling him he was making a mistake leaving a secure career in cubicle land. But our artist stayed true to his beast, refused to waver from his course and managed to remain a responsible, professional member of his community. He carries his own weight, and supports those around him while still doing things his own way.
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Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Everyone needs socks! We here at Soxy Beast strongly believe everyone deserves basic human rights and think the lucky country needs to step up its game when it comes to refugees. In December we partnered with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre to help make things a little bit easier for refugees and their families.

Sales of 'the Stack' helped donate 350 pairs of socks to children in need. It may seem like a small contribution, but one less worry for a family struggling to adjust to life in a new culture can make a big difference.

More information on Australia’s national asylum seeker debate and details on how to get involved can be found at