Our bold socks are designed and knit in Melbourne using our comfy combed cotton blend. Each pair is designed in collaboration with a different artist to provide you with a unique look to distinguish yourself from the herd. We also donate one pair of socks, for every pair of Soxy Beast socks sold, to a charity partner selected by the featured artist.

All of our socks are made using a comfy combed cotton blend (65% Cotton, 35% Nylon/Lycra). This mix gives the socks a breathable, natural fibre base with good stretch and retension to hold shape.

“I’m going sock shopping today” said nobody, ever. Socks are something we wear every day, but don’t tend to think about too much. By subscribing to Soxy Beast you’ll save yourself time and expand your style by collecting a range of bold, unique options to compliment your existing wardrobe.

Plus, you’ll also be doing a little good for the world. Every month Soxy Beast partners with a different charitable cause to provide support, resources or donations. Feel that karma yet?

Totally! Just purchase a subscription and enter the details for your recipient. On order confirmation you’ll get a link to a DIY Gift Certificate you can personalise and print to give to that lucky someone.

If you previously ordered and didn’t see this option, check out the DIY Gift Certificate.

Soxy Beast socks currently come in two size options.

  • LARGE (designed to fit shoe sizes 9 – 13)
  • SMALL (designed to fit shoe sizes 5 – 8)

We offer a womens’ size that fits most women with shoe sizes 5 – 8. Just select “SMALL” during subscription check-out.

We don’t currently offer sizing options for littlies but if we ever do, you’ll need to be signed up to our newsletter to learn when.

Now where’s the fun in that? The anticipation and surprise are a big part of what we do, and we wouldn’t want to spoil that for you. We work tirelessly to design and robo-knit awesome, bold sock styles with a back story that will surprise and entertain you.

If you’re ever unsatisfied, you can contact us on to request an exchange. Or have a look at our styles from previous months and buy a pair.

Go on, let go of the reins and let the Soxy Beast run free.


Easy Peasy. Hit up our SUBSCRIBE PAGE to sign up for a subscription, or see our CURRENT STYLES to buy sock designs from previous months.

Complete your order using one of the available payment options to lock it in. You’ll receive an order confirmation email letting you know when you can expect your first delivery.You’ll be done and have socks in your hand before you can say “slick sexy socks” three times fast.

Sounds good, I’m in

If you’re buying socks or pre-paid subscription you’ll be charged straight away when completing the order. If you’re buying a monthly sock subscription your nominated credit card will be charged on the 21st of each month (or closest possible day if falling on a weekend). If you ever want to cancel your monthly subscription just email before midnight on the 19th of the month and we’ll make sure you don’t get charged.

On the off chance you’ve experienced issues and didn’t receive a confirmation email, please contact us on and we’ll get you sorted out straight away.

What’s better than one gift? A bunch of gifts that keep getting delivered every month. The old socks n’ jocks pack is played out. Put a new spin on a tired idea and maybe just give your man a push to unleash his inner Soxy Beast.

Shipping times & costs

We ship worldwide. Shipping within Australia is free and included in the price, international shipping is charged at an additional $5 per pair (or $5 per month for subscriptions).

Shipping within Australia is free and included in the price. International shipping is charged at an additional $5 per pair (or $5 per month for subscriptions).

Soxy Beast is delivered by AusPost to the address you indicate in your subscription details. We send all subscribers an email on shipping day to let them know their socks are on the way.

We don’t send out individual tracking numbers for all deliveries, but if you ever have an issue you can contact us at and we can provide assistance.

Soxy Beast subscriptions are sent out on the 22nd of each month (or closest day following if on a weekend) and take on average 5 – 10 business days to reach you, wherever you happen to be in Australia. Please keep in mind some more remote parts of this massive country may take longer to receive deliveries, and slightly longer delivery times can be expected around the holidays (December and January).

If you’ve purchased a pair of socks from our CURRENT STYLES, they’ll be shipped within one business day of placing the order and should arrive to you within 5 – 10 business days.

If you’ve got an issue with your delivery or question about your order you can always contact us at

First of all, take a deep breath and consider how lonely your lost socks are feeling. If its been longer than 10 business days since you placed the order (or since the 22nd of the month if on a subscription), flex your naked toes and contact us at so we can provide support or a send a replacement.

Drop us a quick email at letting us know who you are (your name) and your new contact details or address. We’ll update our records and send you confirmation back once complete so you can rest easy knowing some stranger’s weird feet won’t be enjoying your luxurious Soxy Beast socks.

We at Soxy Beast want all of our customers to be totally satisfied. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our socks or our service contact us at for an exchange, or to organise a death-battle cage match to determine if you are worthy of a refund.

We also can’t accept returns or exchanges if you’ve opened and worn the socks, so if you don’t dig ‘um, keep ‘um in the package and contact us.

If you have a monthly subscription, email before midnight on the 19th of the month to cancel. In most cases we’ll be able to cancel your order and refund your money (or percentage if you’ve already received a few deliveries on a pre-paid subscription plan). Contact us at to request cancellation.

We work really hard to ensure all socks sent out meet our rigorous quality criteria. However, sometimes, our socks are so keen to make their way to you, a couple of the bad ones get out too. If you do end up with a pair of socks that aren’t up to standard please contact us at to arrange an exchange or replacement.

If you have a questions that isn’t answered here (or you’re just not into reading), drop us an email on and we’ll get right back to you when we finish wrestling this crocodile.

We love hearing from all of our Soxy Beasts!