The Cub

SEPTEMBER 2015 Edition - Designed by Maku to benefit Free the Bears





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The first piece we saw of Maku’s was a magnificent beast rendered in geometric glory. We instantly knew we had to collab to get a pair of her beasts for your feet.

Justina ‘Maku’ Bisset is a Melbourne based illustrative artist. Her work is filled with precise lines and dripping paint highlights that render her human and animal subjects in sharp colour. As a student Maku was so taken with the cause of protecting abused bears that she worked part-time as a cleaner to donate her wages to Free the Bears.

Maku’s passion was the inspiration for September’s Edition, the Cub.

More of Maku’s Art can be seen at

Free the Bears


 Free the Bears Logo

Since 1995 Perth based charity Free the Bears Fund has provided support to a wide range of projects across the globe to protect, preserve, and enrich the lives of bears.

“One of our biggest challenges is rehabilitating rescued bears and providing care for their entire lives, which can be up to 30 years.”

Free the Bears received 11 bear cubs last year alone – all of whom need rehabilitation, food, living space and medical provisions.

Subscriptions and sales of the Cub in September helped provide 28 Cub Care packs for rescued bear cubs.

More info on Cub Care Packs and Free the Bears can be found at